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USB Microphone ReviewsWelcome to Best USB Microphone Reviews, where we compile reviews from around the web on today’s best sounding usb microphones. Quality sound is absolutely important in creating a professional audio presence for podcasting, voice-over work in videos, conducting webinars, and teleconferencing via apps like Skype, Tango, and Oovoo.

Once you plug in a quality microphone, you will immediately notice the difference and so will your audience. Compared to the built-in microphones on our computers, the sound is so much more rich and life-like, and adds greater tonal dimension for a more full-bodied sound. After hearing my voice on a recorded webinar at work using a cheap, auxiliary plug headset mic, I was shocked at how tinny and weak my voice sounded. We later acquired a wonderful Audio Technica AT2020 usb condenser microphone for our webinar work, and my recordings sounded completely different.

On this site you will find reviews of today’s top usb microphones, with pros and cons, to help you make your decision. Regardless which mic you end up choosing, it will be on a completely different level than the kind of sound you could achieve with your built-in or headset mic. You’re on the right track here at Best USB Microphone Review!

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